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QR Codes for Lions

QR codes what are they, how use them?

A QR code is a type of bar code. The difference with a bar code is the possibility to add characters and therefore words, sentences or any other structured data. QR codes can be used to store website links (url), maps and even your business card data. The most common use is storing long or hard to remember website links. Scan the QR code with a QR scanning application available for most Smart Phones. Just search ‘QR Scanner’, Install and point your camera to the QR code.

Watch the video for best apps and instructions at the bottom of this article

Some Lions examples to try out…

QR code on District fanion.

Include all your information on your fanion

GO4IT Lions 112A QR

QR code on MD Convention Pin.

Include all your information on your pin

Lions QR Pin MD111

SMiLE Social Media Directory link.


SMiLE Contact Tom.


QR for Lions Clubs marketing.

Put QR code on all district documentation, scanning will redirect to the district 410A website


QR in Lions Magazine.

Get readers to visit the MD or district Facebook page

Lion Australia Papua New Guinea FB QR

QR with map.



Watch the video for best apps and instructions

Correct Lions Logo - Branding


When searching Google for the Lions Clubs Logos, you will find 2 type of results, the multi-colored and the bi-colored. In many cases people will just use the type of logo they like the most…

But since the Lions International Convention 2008 in Bangkok there is only one official type of Lions Clubs logo! the bi-colored styled logo. So check your website, social media platforms and printed materials and replace old Lions Club logos with the new ones. The Official Lions Club logo and variations can be found on

Do you need other Lions artwork to spice up your website or social media? have a look at

Pimp your Facebook club/district Page

In the previous SMiLE Facebook blog article we concluded that a Facebook Page is the way to go for your Lions Club/District. This article will help you to optimize the appearance of your Lions Club/District Facebook Page.

Page Logo

  • The photo you upload must be at least 180 x 180 pixels. We recommend uploading a square image. Rectangular images will be cropped to fit a square.
  • Use .png filetype instead of .jpg (see why in the Cover Photo explanation)

Lions SMiLE FB Square


Cover Photo

  • Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will be stretched to this larger size (and will probably look bad)
  • Keep clear of the Logo area and layout your cover photo accordingly
  • Use .png filetype instead of .jpg (see why in the Cover Photo explanation)



Lions SMiLE FB Cover BAD


Lions SMiLE FB Cover GOOD

Dimensions & Keep clear area’s

Lions SMiLE Template


File Types

Use the PNG filetype instead of the JPG filetype!





More information on

Can I Use That Picture - Infographic

Great infographic which makes you think before using that nice looking image you just found somewhere on the Internet. Looks complex, and it is… Most important is to become familiar with four terms–copyright, fair use, creative commons, and public domain– and you’ll have a pretty good idea what you can and can’t do with images.

Click on the image to enlarge or Read the complete article

Can I use that picture

Leo are holding an International Youth Camp on Facebook

D403 A e-IYC West Africa Leos Virtual International Youth Camp

West African LEOs are holding the first ever, online International Youth Camp. Thanks to Facebook! Lionism will always find a way to rise despite the situations especially among the LEO whose dynamism leads to smart ideas. Due to the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, the International Youth Camp of the Lions districts 403A1 & A2 , has been moved earlier from Guinea (the ground 0 of the outbreak) to Burkina-Faso where everything was ready to host the campers. Bobo Dioulassa a city in the center of that country of Lionism was the place to be and when, the LEOs where making the finals arrangements, the two District Governors had no other choices than cancelling the camp. In fact, they did it before the Burkina-Faso public health authorities stopped them. In fact, the World Health Organization has issued crisis management policies that strongly demanded to cancel any group meeting especially those who include movements beyond borders. Then, it wasn’t possible to bring together the Leo from 16 countries. Instead of feeling spited, our proud Leos made one the best use of Facebook in LEO Club by creating a Facebook group named “Mon plus beau CIJ” (My best International Youth Camp): The idea behind, was to imagine a virtual camp where every member will use the memories (pictures, texts and later run videos) to enjoy his best international youth camp. They gather the memories from the formers International Youth Camps they enjoyed and started posting it online on a daily basis, not without raising a huge amount of interactions. It came to an extent that the former Youth Commission Immediat Past Director in the District 403 A1, one of the most active Lions on Facebook in the District, posted an address aimed to congratulate and welcome the campers as if they were in a normal situation. Social Media, out of technology brings along emotions. Take a tour by the group and use the Facebook translation tool to understand to content.

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Entretiens vidéo à faible coût

Votre club ou district Lions a mis un grand événement en place. Le programme de notre Président du Lions International et certains conférenciers se connectent et diffusent régulièrement des entretiens en direct. Les places sont limitées et pour y parvenir, certains membres Lions doivent voyager plusieurs heures. Ne serait-il pas agréable si vous pouviez diffuser cet événement en direct ? cher ? technique ?

Comme Skype, Google offre des appels vidéo et vidéos conférences gratuites à l’aide de l’outil Google Hangouts. Mais il n’y a plus… Google propose également des « Hangouts en direct ». Cette option de « On Air » active les flux de votre visioconférence en direct sur YouTube. La vidéo en flux continu est automatiquement enregistrée sur votre compte YouTube (par défaut elle est définie comme « non partagée »). La seule chose que vous ayez à faire est de spécifier un lieu de rencontre sur « Air » et d’obtenir le lien pour regarder la diffusion en continu et inviter les gens à regarder en leur envoyant le jour, le temps et le lien de plan de la conférence. Lorsque la séance de visioconférence est terminée, vous pouvez envoyer le lien sur YouTube pour ceux qui n’étaient pas en mesure de la regarder en direct. Un son professionnel n’est-ce-pas ?

Mais qu’en est-il de la qualité de la radiodiffusion ? Nous avons besoin en direct d’une qualité raisonnable (zoom, déplacement, etc….). Nous devons donc utiliser une simple caméra vidéo au lieu d’une Webcam ! La solution consiste à utiliser une caméra vidéo « Low cost » ordinaire et d’un Digital AV convertisseur connecté au caméscope et à l’ordinateur. C’est très simple : prendre la sortie de la caméra (AV en l’occurrence) et connectez-la au convertisseur vidéo et puis au PC via USB.

Regardez la vidéo pour en savoir plus

Vidéo par

Matériel utilisé

  • Caméscope : JVC GZ-E305 (200-250€)
  • Trépied : Amazon (25€)

Capture vidéo : Pinnacle Dazzle 100 (50€)

(English & Italian subtitles available)

Low cost live streaming

Your Lions club or district has setup a big event and on the program is the International Lions President and some top keynote speakers. Seats are limited and to get there, some Lions members need to travel several hours.

Wouldn’t it be nice If you could broadcast this event live?
to expensive? to technical? Read on…

Just like Skype, Google offers Video Calls and Video Conferencing for free using the Google Hangouts tool. But there is more… Google also offers ‘Hangouts on Air’. This ‘On Air’ option enables you stream your video conferencing live to YouTube. The streamed video is also automatically saved on your YouTube account (by default it is set as ‘not shared’). The only thing you need to do is plan a Hangout On Air get the link to watch the streaming and invite people to watch by mailing them the Day, time and link. When the video conferencing session is over, you can send the YouTube link to people who were not able to watch it live. Sound professional doesn’t it?

But what about the Broadcasting quality? We need live streaming at reasonable quality (zooming, moving around, etc…). So we need to use a regular video camera instead of a Webcam!The solution is to use a regular ‘Low cost’ Video Camera and a Digital AV Converter Connecting the Video Camera to the PC. This is very easy: take the Output from the Camera (AV in this case) and connect it to the Video Converter, and then to the PC via USB.

Watch the Video to learn more

Hardware used

  • Video camera: JVC GZ-E305 (200-250€)
  • Tripod: Amazon (25€)
  • Video Capture: Pinnacle Dazzle 100 (50€)

Extra information in the video

  • Fine tune the bandwidth to avoid video freezing

(English & Italian subtitles available)

Lions Clubs International Website & Newsletter Contest

lions clubs website and newsletter contestDid you know that each year Lions Clubs International organizes a website & newsletter contest?
The contest provides Lions with the opportunity to showcase their hard work and creativity while sharing their accomplishments with others from around the world.

To join the contest goto Lions Clubs International Contest page en fill in the entry form.

Contest Winners are announced at the International Convention, in LION Magazine, and on the LCI website.

Winners 2013-2014

Lions Club
First Place: Majorda Lions Club, India
Honorable Mention: Bagheria Lions Club, Italy
Honorable Mention: Stoney Creek Lions Club, Ontario, Canada

First Place: District 300 A2, MD 300 Taiwan
Honorable Mention: District 322-A, India
Honorable Mention: District 322-F, India

Multiple District
First Place: MD 16, New Jersey, USA
Honorable Mention: MD 13, Ohio, USA
Honorable Mention: MD 35, Florida, USA

Lions Club
First Place: Baguio City Host Lions Club, Philippines
Honorable Mention: Prescott Noon Lions Club, Arizona, USA
Honorable Mention: Loomis Lions Club, California, USA
Honorable Mention: Mont Clare Lions Club, Elmwood Park, Illinois, USA
Honorable Mention: Vantaa Lions Club, Finland

First Place: 107 – A, Finland
Honorable Mention: District 322 B1, India
Honorable Mention: District 35-I, USA
Honorable Mention: District 12-O, USA
Honorable Mention: District 107-G, Finland

Multiple District
First Place: Multiple District 31 – J, North Carolina, USA