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Help the Social Media Directory grow!!

The SMiLE Social Media Directory is an online directory that lists website, email addresses, social media platforms and location from clubs/districts/multiple districts from all over the world. However clubs/districts/multiple districts need to register themselves to get listed!

Share this post with other Lions in your social media network and help the Social Media grow! Write about it in your club/district newsletter and help us to get 2000 listings by the end of this year!

The Social Media directory is a great way to learn what other Lions are doing online. IT also a great tool to visualize Lions clubs/districts worldwide. Use it to prepare a visit to a foreign club when traveling abroad.

SMiLE Social Media Directory

Social Media Directory Map

[sabai-directory-map num=”5000”]

Help translation the SMiLE website!

Lions SMiLE TranslationsOne thing I learned over the past year is that Lions International really is international. Sometimes we at SMiLE assume that communicating in English is ok to reach all Lions all over the world. But not all Lions have basic knowledge of the English language, just like not all Lions have the skills to use the internet or work with social media. Helping Lions learn to use the internet and social media and not doing that in their own language is not the way to go. SMiLE exists of volunteers and we do not master all the languages Lions speak, so we decided not to translate ourselfs but offer Lions SMiLE friends and followers to help translate in their own language.

SIgn Up to Volunteer to translate!

Resource: Rafflecopter

Rafflecopterrafflecopter is an easy way to run a giveaway. You can run a giveaway from the Rafflecopter website, your own website, Facebook and even on more than one place at once!

When the giveaway is over, export a CSV for offline processing or let Rafflecopter pick a winner at random automatically.

  • The Free plan includes:
  • Unlimited Giveaways!
  • World-Class Support
  • Embeddable Anywhere!
  • 1-Click Facebook App
  • Instant Random Winners

First of two Toronto Social Media Seminars finished.

SMiLE Seminar 1Finaly finished the first social media seminar. so much information to share in such a short time :). See bellow for more information. Hope to meet you all in Toronoto!

Social Media Tips & Tricks for Lions
Sunday June 6th 14:00 – 15:00
Exhibit hall at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

  • WhySocial Media
  • Social Media for Lions Manual – The SMiLE way
  • Online Ticket selling – Some examples
  • Online Fundraising – Types of…
  • Online Fundraising – The basics
  • Lions SMiLE – Making the difference
Twitter visualized

Combine Twitter and Google maps to get some useful information.


Where do most tweets come from?

SMiLE Tweet Heat Map



What are people tweeting about?

Use to visualize @UNICEF

Use to visualize #Nigeria




Where are all my followers?
Lions SMiLE followers visualized



The New Twitter Profile Page: Complete Image Size Guide

The New Twitter Profile Page:
Complete Image Size Guide

Twitter has rolled out its new-look profile pages to all users, and with the update comes a resize of header photos and avatars, which means you’ll likely have to do a little maintenance to get your page looking tip-top.

So, load up your favourite image editor, head on over to your Twitter profile settings page, and let’s get started.

Header Photo (1500 pixels wide x 500 pixels high, 5MB maximum)

This is the main image across the top of the screen. Twitter recommends 1500×500 pixels but the header photo will always blow-up to be screen-wide, which means a 1500×500 image can look pretty lousy on a 27-inch monitor unless it’s saved at a very high resolution. Otherwise, it pixelates.

So, either upload a 3000×1000 photo or save your 1500×500 image at the highest possible dots per inch (DPI) you can you manage to squeeze it under the 5 megapixel limit.

(And if you’re looking for ideas, Twitter has a nice gallery of the new-size header photos here.)

Profile Photo/Avatar (400×400 minimum, 2MB maximum)

Twitter recommends a 400×400 minimum here, and the image should be a square (although you can crop during the upload). Again, I recommend saving to as high a DPI as you can – I believe the maximum file size is 2MB although this is no longer specified by Twitter.

The profile photo scales down to 200×200 on your profile page, gets even smaller in timelines, and blows up to full size when somebody clicks on it, so make sure your image looks clear at all scales.

Background Image (no longer needed)

Twitter has essentially phased out background images with this update. While they still show up in certain places as you’re navigating Twitter (at least for now) this is something only you will see, and they’re not visible on your actual profile page by other users.

Really, there’s no point wasting time creating an amazing background image that nobody is going to see. So, head over to your profile design settings and set a solid background colour instead.

via The New Twitter Profile Page: Complete Image Size Guide – AllTwitter.